Isao Hosoe moved from Tokyo to Milan in 1967, two years after completing his degree in Aerospace Engineering at Nihon University in Tokyo, to work together with Giò Ponti and Alberto Rosselli and where he chose to live, marry and have children. In 1985 he set up his own professional design studio under the name of “Isao Hosoe Design” which created a ‘platform’ for this qualitative and unconventional designer to work with some of the major international companies to whom he brought a refreshing, innovative approach to industrial design. This provided the opportunity to infuse Japanese culture into the process of Italian design. Some examples of this innovative approach to design can be found in Tonelli furniture. Throughout his career, Isao Hosoe received numerous design awards including severel  Compasso d’Oro  ADI, the Gold Medal at the Triennial Exhibition of Milan, the IF Award, the Japan Good Design Award and, on no less than six occasions, the Chicago Athenaeum’s ‘Good Design Award, , whilst at the same time he exhibited at an international level on several occassions. It is worth noting that his designs are of such quality and uniqueness that they are on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, in Chicago and also in Milan. Isao Hosoe was also actively involved in teaching and research at numerous top European Universities which included “La Sapienza” in Rome, Les Ateliers in Paris, Elisawa in Barcelona and the University of Lisbon, while as a writer Hosoe was co-author of the book “Playoffice” (1991,G.C. Press, Tokyo), and also had numerous other  publications to his name. There are many complimentary articles written about Isao Hosoe with one of his most famous quotations being of how “design must act as a bridge between the material world and the human world”. His approach, through the application of technology, sought to create such a balance in relation to ergonomics, the 5 senses. Form and function in a way that reflects the character of today’s society and beyond.